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Eleni Armaos was born in Athens, Greece and grew up in the beautiful sunny islands of the Mediterranean Sea. “Since I can remember myself I was on a speedboat doing island hoping, swimming in the blue waters, catching seashells and exploring the ocean”. After her degree in Communications and Business from the American College of Greece, Eleni worked in Juicy Couture offices in London, where she also moved and had her Masters in the London College of Fashion. She came back to Greece and moved to her favourite place, Mykonos Island, where she is currently based, and started designing her dream swimwear line. She named it Beach Flirt 22 because according to her, every summer has its own beach flirt. Eleni is also the event manager of the most popular beach club-restaurant in Greece. A true ocean lover, Eleni Armaos is one of the youngest business women in Greece that wants to make a statement in the world of fashion and project the beauties of her country in a worldwide audience.

BeachFlirt 22 promotes a fun lifestyle, a sexy attitude and self-confidence.”